Measures to follow at home if you have 
Covid-19 symptoms 

Hydrate your body
  • Eat fruits which are high in vitamin C
  • Drink lots of water 
  • Consult doctor before consuming fruits
Isolate yourself in separate room
  • The new Indian double variant spreads fast within the family when you share the same space.
  • Your family’s health is your responsibility. Avoid infecting them by isolating.
Double Mask at home
  • Ask all delivery items (mediciine, food, etc.) to be supplied to your doorstep. 
  • Maintain a distance of 6ft at all times.
  • Wear a surgical mask inside, and a cloth mask outside.
  • This is known to prevent spread by 85%.
  • Create sufficient ventilation by opening windows.
  • Avoid AC’s. The new variant spread fast in closed environments.
Family members should wear glovers.
  • Ask your family members to use disposable gloves when supplying or picking items from your room.
  • Remind them to disinfect by taking a bath afterwards.
  • Family members should take a bath immediately after attending your needs. Disinfect your room, clothes, utensils and bathroom.
  • Family members should sanitise their hands regularly.
  • Use a separate bathroom do tepid sponging - do not use cold water.