Care to be taken while getting Covid-19 vaccine

  • Do not take the vaccine on an empty stomach. Eat well before getting your vaccine as it helps boost immunity.
  • Get some good sleep the night before. It helps in boosting immunity.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated and avoid alcohol as it dehydrates the body.
  • Don't get stressed. Inform your team well before to plan accordingly and stay calm.
  • Do not get obsessed with any type of vaccine. All vaccines are proven effective and safe.
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt or dress so that vaccine can be easily injected into your arm.
  • Make sure you sanitize well before going to the center.
  • Maintain social distance from other people around you at the center.
  • Keep your vaccine name, date of the first dose and due date of the second dose noted.
  • Cancel your vaccination if you develop any Covid-19 related symptoms and consult the doctor immediately.
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